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About Us

MusikLists is a platform to help emerging artists find an audience. We know that your budget is tight, so the site is absolutely free for artists to use. Our only goal is to unite talented musicians with eager audiences.
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What we offer

  • Honest, Unadulterated Feedback [check your dashboard anytime to see how your songs are performing]
    If the whole city likes your song you must be onto something :)
  • Direct Access to Live Listeners [forget paying an "Influencer"], people dictate who they like
  • Your music, live online within 24 hours of upload [*once the site is live, of course] Submit your music today
  • Powerful Admin tools so you can manage your own music online [i.e. Complete Control]
  • Keep Your Money! [the site is 100% FREE to artists - no trials, no hidden fees, nada]
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We are only working with independent artists. We will not sale your music or share it with any third party without your permission. Only submit music you fully own. For any questions related to this email us