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Start curating today. MusikLists playlists are made by requests from real users. Making the right playlist for every individual can be challenging and at the same time exciting, some people want a playlists for an stressful Monday morning in the office! everybody is different.
Some people just want to chill and listen to some Rock on a Friday night. As a Curator you have the chance to create custom made playlists and at the same time, you can build a relationship with the users.

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MusikLists curators are savvy and talented. We are building a community where Curators can share their knowledge and skills on making curated playlists and at the same time get their name out there. MusikLists supports Curators by featuring every playlist that is made and giving back to the Curators community. Join today, become a curator and start curating playlists today.

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